Thomas NG, MD, PhD
Thomas NG, MD, PhDCo-Leader, Workforce Workgroup
Melissa Chittle, MD
Melissa Chittle, MDCo-Leader, Workforce Workgroup

Workforce Workgroup

The mission of the Workforce Workgroup is to build and sustain a diverse workforce and inclusive environment.

Our Promise

The Workforce Workgroup is tasked with building, sustaining, and maintaining a diverse workforce in order to foster understanding and comfort both internally and externally with patients. We educate our staff on diversity and inclusiveness in order to improve the effectiveness of the care being provided and to help improve performance between individuals and teams. For example, the workgroup created interactive educational sessions to help combat micro and macro aggressions against staff. To ensure everyone is comfortable with themselves and others around them we strive to make sure that every member feels that their individual backgrounds, traits, and skills are valued and actively engaged. We proactively seek input from staff on diversity, equity, and inclusion-related issues to ensure that staff feels that they can help create change and that their opinions matter.