Efrén J. Flores, MD
Efrén J. Flores, MD Co-Leader, Patient Experience Workgroup

Patient Experience Workgroup

The mission of the Patient Experience Workgroup is to grow and support diverse patient populations in care settings and in the community. Furthermore, it is their charge to ensure that patients, families, care givers, and visitors are engaged and feel their individual backgrounds, traits, and skills are valued and respected.

Below are a small subset of the programs and interventions that the Patient Experience Workgroup have piloted or implemented at MGH Imaging.

Rideshares for Imaging Appointments

Uncertainty regarding travel, whether it be relying on another for a ride or taking public transportation, can lead to missed care opportunities which in turn can cause delays in diagnosis. At MGH Radiology are proud to have piloted a ride share program to help patients with limited access to transportation make it to appointments on time. Originally piloting this program at an outpatient center for MRI appointments, our staff found patients who used it were more likely to be on time. Additionally, the program most likely to use the program were the elderly, unemployed patients, and those without commercial insurance.

Extended Hours for Breast Cancer Screening

Breast cancer screening is important for all patients with breast tissue, regardless of their race, ethnicity, or gender identity. However, there are significant disparities in breast cancer screening in the United States which lead to delays in discovery, delays in treatment, and ultimately higher rates of death. For instance, while Black and white women develop breast cancer at the same rate, in Chicago Black women are 42% more likely to die from breast cancer than white women. We know screening saves lives, however with busy schedules and inconvenient imaging centers, getting annual screening can be difficult. At MGH we offer extended hours (until 9:00 pm at some locations) and Saturday mammograms at our conveniently located Mammograms are available in BostonWalthamRevere and Danvers outpatient facilities.  Additionally, we also offer same day breast cancer screening options for patients after their primary care doctor’s appointment.


Breast Cancer Screening & Integrated Lung Cancer Screening

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related  death in American, however if caught early there are many treatment options available, which, in some cases can, cure you of the disease. Early detection is vital. In 2015 Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Serves announced high risk patients were eligible to yearly lung cancer screening exams with low-dose CT imaging for free.

We studied the patients coming in for annual breast cancer screening and found that for every 100 patients who were eligible for annual lung cancer screening at no charge to them, only 8 had received it.

8% receive LCS

To address this disparity, we have begun offering same day lung cancer screening exams for patients undergoing breast cancer screening who qualify.