Radiology Boot Camp is a multi-institutional commitment of excellence between Massachusetts General Hospital, Emory and Vanderbilt to provide sustained longitudinal guidance, mentorship, education and research opportunities for all years of medical students, regardless of prior experience. Informative and interactive quarterly events will demonstrate the diversity of our workforce and the breadth of career opportunities provided in the field of radiology. Together, we are committed to building a diverse pipeline of learners that are well versed and equipped to serve an ever-changing patient population.

Upcoming Events

Virtual Interviews via #FutureRadRes
Sept. 26 to Oct. 18, 2020

We are excited to partner with FutureRadRes to provide virtual interview opportunities for interested applicants. The virtual interviews are completely free of charge and will be with current radiologists from across the country.


Under Construction
  • We want to provide you with mentors who share your background, made it through the pipeline, and guide you through your journey
  • Building registration of interested mentors for medical students across the US at all stages of their careers (retired, attendings, fellows, residents)

Research Opportunities

Under Construction
  • Every medical student deserves the right to participate in high impact research opportunities, regardless of their local resources
  • We are working with organizations to provide a central database of mentored research projects that can be done remotely allowing you the opportunity to network and publish on topics that interest you


Under Construction
  • We want to provide students with the radiologic skills they need to succeed in medicine, regardless of the specialty they pursue
  • Quarterly Seminars on topics that you are interested in
  • Explore areas of radiology and its ever-increasing role in patient care

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